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Kerameikos Metaxourgeio: An educated approach

OLIAROS first moved into its office premises in the area of Kerameikos Metaxourgeio in the center of Athens in 2002.


Ever since we have been witnessing a continuous degeneration of the area, and in 2006 we decided to do something about it.


We have been working with an extensive team of professionals, we have been in close communication with other people who work or live in the area, with a view to form a common vision that shall re-energize one of the oldest and most rundown neighborhoods of Athens, introducing a new urban cultural identity that can serve as an example for the overall city center.


Our approach includes non-profit initiatives which address a range of social, urban, and other issues that affect the quality of our daily lives.  We have been commisioning and supporting a number of research projects relating to KM and the City center in general, as we  place a great emphasis on following an educated constructive approach to matters.







Marked dark grey: 46% of the private properties are empty plots or degenerated buildings



In 2009 OLIAROS commissioned a mapping project of the KM area, the conclusions of which are useful to attain a better picture for the area. Those conclusions include:


- 400.000 m2 ( 83 blocks) area of the neighbourhood
- 100.000 m2 street network
- 296.000 m2 private properties (1160 plots)
- 6.500m2 of public space

46% of the private properties are empty plots or degenerated buildings
600 buildings are built in the 50-70s and occupied

200 Properties are Listed or expected to be listed



Existing KM buildings, per decade






Existing KM buildings, by building height



The existence of this 46% of unutilized spaces together with the 100.000 m2 comprising the road network, can affect the direction of the area and the wider city center dramatically in either direction. Careful planning and coordination could help utilize these spaces providing better quality conditions both in the private and public space.


In terms of development, OLIAROS focuses on the evolution of this 46%. We care to project a contemporary methodology to better utilize those spaces, respecting and enhancing the history and the social structure of KM. Our goal is to pursuade various owners and users of this 46% to share a common qualitative vision, than can affect the overall evolution of the area.


OLIAROS takes the position that KM can become an example of sustainable city center regeneration evolving into a balanced mixed-use residential area, hosting a socialy and financially wide range of occupants that will further enhance the multicultural and creative character of the area.


It is critical for the government to work together with the communities, the private sector and all relative stakeholders to adopt a common vision, and create the right conditions to attract occupants and investors back to the City Center.


There is a lot of energy, good quality and talent around us, time has come to enter into a new era in Greece. We need to get rid of the bad habits of the past and work all together to realize our new potential.