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Leonidou 26

Leonidou 26 is a unique 1970’s building on the corner with Iassonos street, one of the most beautiful yet run down streets in Athens.

The building will be fully renovated to become an energy efficient, mixed use with commercial and versatile open space plan units, with the top four floors also offering impressive Acropolis Views.



For its renovation, we have aimed to keep all its main characteristics and commissioned the established Austrian artist Gerwald Rockenschaub (b.1952 to treat this building as potential art object.


Leonidou 26 is a mixed-use building providing commercial spaces at street level with versatile open space plan units which can be used as artist studios, office space, or even apartments. The top three levels offer great Acropolis views and large balconies, making them excellent choices to be used as apartments.

Well situated in the heart of Kerameikos Metaxourgeio, Leonidou 26 is within a 5 minute walking distance to the local metro station Metaxourgeio.

                         download Leonidou 26 section (pdf)




KM Public Murals Project

Leonidou 26 is part of the KM Public Murals project initiated by ReMapKM and OLIAROS, inviting 10 internationally established artists to turn 10 blank, mainly sidewalls of multilevel 60’s and 70’s buildings in the area of KM into a public mural gallery.

To read more about the KM Public Murals click here.

For Leonidou 26, Rockenschaub has created a unique proposition, treating the building as a totem work of art, highlighting its original characteristics, like the star, an original feature of the building.


Gerwald Rockenschaub is one of Austria’s most renowned fine artists and a successful techno artist and DJ. His music is part of his cultural background which has led to a complex sculptural oeuvre, from the geometrically constructed oil paintings of the early 1980s, which can classified as part of the Neo-Geo movement, through Plexiglas planes and huge inflatable PVC objects, to his more recent computer generated animations.

For more information contact sales@oliaros.com

download LEONIDOU-26.pdf