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Leonidou 11

Leonidou 11 is a 1970’s building renovation situated on one of KM’s popular streets with an eccletic array of architectural styles.

Designed by Greek architect Andreas Angelidakis with a mural artwork by Angelos Plessas, the building will be fully renovated to become energy efficient compliant, with commercial space on ground level, versatile open space plan units ideal as artist studios and residential flats on the two top levels. 

Leonidou 11 is a mixed-use building, providing commercial spaces at street level. 

Levels 1, 2 & 3 offer versatile open space plan units which can be used as artist studios, office space, or apartments. 

The 4th and 5th levels offer great apartment spaces, making them excellent choices for first time buyers.

Leonidou 11 is well situated in the heart of Kerameikos Metaxourgeio and is within a 5 minute walking distance to the local metro station Metaxourgeio.


                         download Leonidou 26 section (pdf)



KM Public Murals Project

Leonidou 11 is part of the KM Public Murals project initiated by ReMapKM and OLIAROS, inviting 10 internationally established artists to turn 10 blank, mainly sidewalls of multilevel 60’s and 70’s buildings in the area of KM into a public mural gallery.

To read more about the KM Public Murals click here.

For Leonidou 11, artist Angelos Plessas (b.1974) has created a unique mural for the building which plays with linear qualities and optical illusion.

Angelos Plessas is a contemporary Greek Artist recognized for his digital and graphic experimentation. Plessas’ work is primarily focused on interactive digital artworks. 

Plessas’ mural artwork for Leonidou 11, entitled ‘Me Looking At You’ makes reference to his interactive drawings and subjects. These internet pieces often “cover” the real world as objects like murals, installations, collage drawings and prints. 


For more information contact sales@oliaros.com

download LEONIDOU-11.pdf