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KM Properties


KM Properties is a new development project for the historic downtown neighborhood of Kerameikos Metaxourgeio (KM) in Athens. Commenced in 2006, OLIAROS has spent the last 4 years researching and understanding the needs of the area at grass roots level in a unique collaboration with local residents and community, urban planners, architects, historians, universities and local government.

OLIAROS believes that the KM project can work as reference on how private and government sectors can work together to improve the Athens' City Center. Our aim is to identify and build on existing KM characteristics while looking to introduce new ones with a view to offer a contemporary living and working environment with its diverse, creative and multicultural social mix.

We have been working with a team of internationally acclaimed architects that we are proud to announce today:

Andreas Angelidakis Architecture Studio
ANTONAS Office/ Aristidis Antonas
Atelier Bow Wow/ Japan/ Zacharias Architects
Bjarke Ingels Group/ BIG/ Nikos Nikolaidis
Boyd Cody Architects/ Ireland/ Nikos Sarris
Camilo Rebelo/ Portugal /Zacharias Architects
Ilia Zeggelis
Harry Gugger / Switzerland/ Zacharias Architects
Jean-Frederic Luscher Architect/ Switzerland/ RKITEKTS
Oliveira-Ruivo / Portugal /RKITEKTS
Pavlos Kalligas
RKITEKTS/ Greece / Epaminondas Daskalakis
VOIS/ Katerina Vordoni – Fania Sinanioti

For Phase 1 of the KM Properties project, Oliaros has worked with leading architects and artists to refurbish existing 1970’s buildings providing more energy efficient, flexible working and living spaces.




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Kerameikos Metaxourgeio (KM) is centrally located and enjoys an interesting urban plan, with an eccletic inventory of listed neoclassical, 1930's and 60’s & 70’s buildings.

Today KM is facing many of the challenges as the rest of Athens' City Center; however, KM does enjoy some special characteristics that give it a unique advantage, for example; the human scale of its urban landscape, the variety of its architecture, its diverse population, its proximity to the center and to public transportation. These and other conditions in the area make KM unique, offering an opportunity to build and restore this existing framework to offer a variety of working and living spaces in the centre of Athens thus contributing to creating a new urban culture and a contemporary identity for Athens.