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Antiparos Design Properties


OLIAROS launched its first project, Antiparos Design Properties (ADP) in 2004 and introduced a concept of low density housing on the island of Antiparos in the Cyclades. 


Antiparos is a small fisherman’s island located in the centre of the Cycladic complex of Islands in the Aegean Sea. Located next to the Island of Paros, Antiparos offers the privacy and character of a small island and benefits from the services and amenities of its larger neighbour. Antiparos can be accessed by plane & boat via Paros. The island has a heliport and a new marina is scheduled to be developed.


The ADP project began with seven properties in 100.000 m2 of land, designed by three young architects. ADP has since grown to include 24 properties totaling 14.000 m2 in 500.000 m2 of land designed by 10 different internationally acclaimed architects.


The ADP project has received international recognition for respecting the Cycladic landscape and re-interpreting the traditional characteristics of Cycladic Architecture in contemporary ways.


To read more about ADP please visit oliaros.com/antiparos.