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KM Properties: a step forward

An important step towards the realization of OLIAROS’ KM Properties project was made on 16/4/2013: OLIAROS was invited to participate in an extended meeting initiated and hosted by the Deputy Minister of Development Mr. Notis Mitarakis and Invest in Greece, with an exclusive focus to define actions that will ensure the implementation of the KM Properties project and the overall revitalization of the Kerameikos Metaxougeio area, by engaging the accelerated licensing procedures facilities (fast track) and funding by the EU program JESSICA.

OLIAROS presented the main aspects of the KM Properties project, and the milestones that would allow for the project and KM;s revitalization to proceed. The meeting was attended by Mr. Mitarakis, Athens' Mayor and Mr. Giorgos Kaminis. Mr. Ioannis Pyrgiotis, General Secretary for Cultural and Tourism, Representatives of the Ministries of Tourism, Mr. Nikolaos Mantzoufas, Special Secretary for Public & Private Partnerships, representatives of the Ministries of Culture, Public Order & Citizen Protection and Environment as well as representatives of the National Bank, the administrator of the JESSICA funds for Attica and Invest in Greece also participated in the meeting.

In the subsequent press conference, the Deputy Minister of Development Mr. Mitarakis and the Athens Mayor Kaminis expressed their commitment for the goverment and the municipality to cooperate closely, together with all stakehlders involved, to ensure the implementation of the KM Properties project and the regeneration of the KM area. Both officials stressed the actual and psychological effect that this project  will have in the capital's economy in this ticritical times for the Urban economy.

Subject to the finalization and agreement on the JESSICA program financing terms, the goal would be to finalize the permits process before the end of 2013 and initiate the construction of certain individual projects within 2013 and complete the construction of overall project by the end of 2015.

Read the press release (GR) of the Ministry of Development here.

OLIAROS started the KM Properties project in Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio (KM), part of the historic center of Athens, in 2006, with the aim of contributing actively in the reconstruction of the urban economy in the center of Athens, by creating an attractive, welcoming, quality environment in the private and public space in the area.

The KM Properties projects consists of 39 buildings, of which 20 are listed, 5 are  built in the 70s and will be renovated, and 16 are new buildings, totalling 36.000m2.

35 buildings, totalling, 22.000m2, are included in the application for the Jessica funding, and planned to be developed until the end of 2015. The Jessica funded project has a goal to seed a new ecosystem in Athens' City center, to attract the vital entrepreneurial and create community in Athens. As such our proposition included office buildings, a new media school, serviced apartments, student housing, studio/atelier spaces,  the KM Pop Up market consisting of 45 containers that will incubate and promote internationally the new creative retail generation. An important part of your propostion is the development of a street that will host this new retail generation permanently in retail and atelier spaces.
Our shared vision for the Athens City Center and specifically for its historic districts of Kerameikos and Metarxourgeio can only be realized by joining forces with all related stakeholders. We are open to ideas, propositions and suggestions to make things happen!