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Active citizens illuminate and designate Iassonos street in Metaxourgeio

Photo by Yiannis Hadjiaslanis

Sunday 26 January 2014, at 3pm, Iassonos & Leonnatou str., Metaxourgeio

KM Protypi Geitonia - KM Model Neighborhood together with Elliniki Etairia - Society for the Environment & Cultural Heritage, the sponsorship by PAPASTRATOS and the support of Citizens' Action for the Centre of Athens (KI.PO.KA) and the Municipality of Athens, plan a new action in the area of Kerameikos - Metaxourgeio, this time for the designation of Iassonos street.

In continuation of its efforts to promote and protect the area from 2009 until today, KM Protypi Geitonia in collaboration & coordination with relevant departments of the Municipality of Athens, starts works on upgrading Iassonos street and highlight the architecture of its buildings.

Specifically :
• Replacement of street lighting with LED technology for 50% energy saving (compared with the existing lighting) and improve the quality and quantity of lighting
• Restoration of 25 flowerbeds
• Restoration of the paved street

In addition, the Council of Architectural Heritage of Elliniki Etairia will select a sample and describe a sample of the architectural wealth of Iassonos street, which will be marked for on-site public information.

On Sunday January 26th by 3pm the works on the street will be completed and people from the neighborhood, people of culture, active citizens, Athens Mayor and people of the city services will put the finishing touches on a symbolic celebration, with flavours by local restaurants Safka and Aleria and live music by Swing Shoes and Sugahspank (5pm).

View invitation here. The action is sponsored by PAPASTRATOS AVES.