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Kerameikos Metaxourgeio and OLIAROS in International New York Times front page

With an extended article in the International edition of New York Times, journalist Liz Alderman presents how explosion of graffiti reflects economic and social distress of crisis.
OLIAROS is proud to participate in the process and discussion of Athens' regeneration, by organizing ReMap KM biannually since 2007, by raising a discussion on the role of art in the public space and by inviting Greek and International artists to use private building walls as a canvas raise a dialoge on different artistic expressions.
Kerameikos Metaxourgeio has always been a neighborhood where street art has been flourishing. Street art mirrors the social, urban and economic status and direction of a neighborhood or the City. OLIAROS respects the values and the role of street art and is attempting to raise the discussion on the role of art in the public space, versus architecture or other forms that may influence the direction of the cityscape in the long run.
Athens happens to have an abundance of empty side walls on buildings, mainly built in the 70's. Next to lower rise buildings or empty walls, these walls offer themselves potentially as empty canvases to stage as walls for expression, planned or unplanned. Street art, takes place at the level of the street and this is where it traditionally belongs. Commission street art is not a concept we support; we are interested however to commission non street artists to deal with the empty walls, raising the discussion on the role of commissioned art, vs commissioned architecture that the latter, by definition, needs to bare a responsibility on the city scape.

See the front page here and the article in pdf.