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OLIAROS presents: GIA12 by Nikos Valsamakis

Photo by Ed Reeve

GIA 12, delivered in July 2017, designed by Nicos Valsamakis, one the most established Greek architects. The house is designed in the traditional Cyclades style, very pleasant and functional to live in but simple, with a large opening in the living area offering wide views towards sea and village and with organized external areas with similar views.

It is located on the highest part of a slopping site. The various functions are separated so that they do not interfere with each other. The house incorporates ideas and typology from local island houses, but makes full use of modern methods and technology.

The compound is oriented with its back to the north for maximum protection from north winds, and is surrounded by a stonewall.

Photo by Ed Reeve

Upon entering the house one is met with a view towards the open sea and the village. To the right of the entrance is the private wing, with master bedroom suite and office creating a quiet area, and to the left, living and dining areas. All these interior spaces are connected with the outdoor areas, which are completely sheltered from the north winds.

All other bedrooms with private bathrooms, are located on the lower level, enjoy direct access to the garden and are connected to the upper level both internally and externally.

Photo by Ed Reeve

As the house will be occupied mainly in the summer the external areas are very important. A large external living area is located close to the pool, with a few steps leading to the other verandas, all enjoying open sea views. A spacious dining area is close to the bar and open-air kitchen with its traditional oven. The main kitchen has access both to the internal dining room and to the external dining area, bar and open-air kitchen. A timber pergola covered with reed shades all above areas. The house itself is not provided with shade overhangs so as to maintain clear views to the sea and the village, thus allowing an uncovered area in front for sitting out in the evening under the moon. Protection of internal areas from the sun is achieved by means of timber sliding shutters with mobile tilting blades allowing views, even when closed, and creating a very pleasant atmosphere inside. A small open-air cinema area is also provided.

Photo by Ed Reeve

External walls are partly stone and partly plaster. Bedroom areas have timber floors and living areas travertine, inside and out, so as to achieve continuity. All styles of furniture are compatible with the house architecture.

Photo by Ed Reeve

On a second site a very pleasant small guesthouse is provided in the pure Cycladic style. The common area leads to a covered veranda.