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Kratir, Antiparos available for Sale

This award winning house  is situated on the top of a hill enjoying a 360-degree view of the Cycladic islands and the straits between Paros & Antiparos. Kratir was designed as part of the Antiparos Design Properties project initiated by OLIAROS.


 Photo by Ed Reeve


The concept of ‘Kratir’ evolves around a man-made crater sculpted into the landscape which conceals the volume of the house from the village and protects the exterior living spaces from the elements. The approach to the house is a steep linear path leading to the lip of the crater where the house is revealed. A ramp dips down into the main crater area where the flow through the interior and exterior areas of the house commences. Four elements are combined to form the living experiences of the house and the landscape:


  • Stone: Stone surfaces form the edges of the Crater.
  • The ‘alien’: the alien is a white rectangular volume that lies in the Crater, where the kitchen and dining areas are located. Large glass panels open, dissolving the distinction between interior and exterior spaces.
  • Water: A shallow 25m lap pool flanks the western edge of crater in line with a formation of small islands to the north. The western lip of the pool overflows creating a visual connection with the sea.
  • Lava flow: A path flows under the pool into the landscape as if lava had spilled out of crater. At the end of the path lies the guesthouse.


 Photo by Ed Reeve


 Photo by Ed Reeve


To view more on the AntiparosDesignProperties project please visit oliaros.com/antiparos.

Property Available for Sale

For sales information please contact info@oliaros.com.

olivia says:
Hey, kratir house is surely the best one in Greece! The interior and exterior design both deserve infinite compliments! Did you know that https://interiordesignerinsandiego.com/ are creating extraordinary interior designs! Check it out.
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