Antiparos Greece Design Properties. Villa Sif 09

Sif 09


Location: Sifneiko
Designed by:
AA Architecture
Landscape: doxiadis +
Delivery: 16 months

House (m2): 580
Land (m2): 9,700.00
Bedrooms: 8
Bathrooms: 9
Swimming pool (m2): 130

Wall finishing: white
Ext. paved (m2): 1,350
Ext. covered (m2): 176
Vegetable garden: yes

Status: available for sale


The landscape of Sifneika Bay is one of agricultural island calm. Instead of dramatic views, the land offers a calm horizon; the architects’ first gesture on the land is to create a slightly elevated platform for the house, to lift up its horizon so that the sea is visible from the house. The main volume of the house is placed within the planning perimeter and at the legal distance from the sea. The platform being a landscape element and not a building glides through the planning perimeter, brining the living surface of the house right next to the sea, making this truly a beach house. The volumes of the house are arranged around the main views of the house, starting off with large shaded areas open to the sea view and the mountains across the bay. The house is made up of two types of volumes. The living and dining areas take their shape from the natural geometry of the platform, thus appearing more as natural elements rather than buildings. On top of these natural shapes rest orthogonal volumes typical of Cycladic architecture. Both the facades of the natural and the Cycladic volumes are treated as vernacular Cycladic architecture. The house offers many different viewpoints to the surrounding landscape and many shaded areas, large gathering spaces and more private spaces for contemplation. A 70 m long pool stretches the length of the platform, thus in a reverse gesture bringing the sea up to the house.