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Location: Pigadakia
Designed by:
Landscape: doxiadis +
Delivery: 16 months

House (m2): 430
Land (m2): 12,000.00
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5
Swimming pool (m2): 55

Wall finishing: stone/white
Ext. paved (m2): 180
Ext. covered (m2): 80
Vegetable garden: yes

Status: under construction


This house is situated on a site with open views to the Aegean offering dramatic sunsets. The house is located at the upper limit of the 72.000m2 plot. The arrival takes place from the top via an open terrace connecting the entry courtyard, that is situated next to the small Cedar Tree. On that moment of transition, the construction is like an installation, a cracked wall in the landscape. The complex shape incorporates a number of yards and indents, offering great views, light and protection from the elements. The distribution of spaces takes place around a central space, the lounge, which works as a connector to all the other interior and exterior spaces of the house. The rooms are situated on the northern side mostly and the common spaces are found on the Southern side.